Crucial MX500 1TB (SSD SATA 2.5” 3D NAND)


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Crucial has created a fantastic product with the MX500 SSDs. The MX500 series come with features such as hardware encryption, dynamic write acceleration, and can also protect your data in case of a power outage. Price-wise, the MX500 SSDs are hard to beat and offer more performance per dollar compared against the Samsung 850 EVO SSDs. If you are using a traditional hard drive, definitely consider upgrading to an SSD like the MX500 because it will offer a massive upgrade in every aspect from read/write speeds to access times.

+ Outstanding Performance
+ Includes 7mm to 9.5mm Spacer (when purchased as single item)
+ Higher Write Endurance Than Competition
+ Much Cheaper Than Competition
+ Hardware Encryption
+ Five-Years Manufacturer Warranty

– None

We can’t think of any downsides that we see with the MX500 series because it has everything you can want in a premium SSD; high performance at an affordable price. Compared to the Samsung 850 EVO, the MX500 is not only cheaper but it also has a significantly higher write endurance, too.

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