Thinkpad T440p coreboot installation service

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What we do

  1. Initial visual inspection for damage and verification that the laptop boots;
  2. Flashing the laptop with the latest unlocked EC firmware, coreboot, and neutralizing the Intel ME backdoor;
  3. Reassembly of the laptop;
  4. Stress test to confirm that everything works as expected.
  • Optional thermal paste service:
    • Full disassembly of the laptop base;
    • Applying new thermal paste.
  • ¬†Optional cleaning service:
    • Full disassembly of the laptop base;
    • Dust removal and wet cleaning/disinfection of the interior and exterior.

How it works

  1. Order and pay;
  2. Remove all accessories: battery, drive, power supply, cables, docking station;
  3. Make a quick note of the order number and your name and place it between the bottom and top of your laptop;
  4. When we have received full payment and are ready to receive your shipment, we will provide you with the shipping address of our workshop (which is not public information);
  5. Ship the laptop to our address using a shipping service of your choice;
  6. We work on your laptop as instructed and then ship it back to you. From now on, you can update/replace your boot firmware internally without the need for flashing devices;
  7. Please read on below.


  1. If you are not sure if your RAM will work or if you’d like more¬† RAM (up to 16GB are possible with the T440p), please order the available RAM modules from our shop. If your installed RAM is incompatible with coreboot we will contact you (this happens very, very rarely);
  2. We recommend choosing the optionally available libre-friendly Wifi card that will run without proprietary software, esp. if your laptop still has the non-free Intel WLAN adapter installed and you want more freedom;
  3. Please make sure the laptop is in a relatively normal clean state before sending. A little dust that accumulated when used normally doesn’t bother us and we don’t expect that you clean the laptop inside. However: Laptops that are extremely dirty will be returned unprocessed and a handling fee of 50% of the service part of your order will be deducted from the refund. Alternatively, you will be asked to order the cleaning service;
  4. If you include a battery with your laptop by accident (see 3. of “How it works”) we will recycle it free of charge;
  5. If you include storage media by accident (see 3. of “How it works”) we can’t be held liable if lost.

Product Features

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45 × 35 × 15 cm


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