Vikings USB-A Sound Adapter (FSF RYF Certified)


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This device is identical to the USB Sound Adapter, USB-C – FSF RYF Certified, only the USB port is different (this device has an USB-A connector as shown in the product picture)

The Vikings USB-A sound card is a simple and highly portable audio solution for your computer.

This sound card comes in especially handy as an additional sound card, e.g. if you would like to use a separate sound card to have different audio settings for VoIP or if do voice conferencing with mumble.

The Free Software Foundation’s “Respects Your Freedom” hardware product certification

The Vikings USB sound card fully meets the criteria for the FSF’s hardware endorsement program and was certified on 2017-03-03

“The desire to own a computer or device and have full control over it, to know that you are not being spied on or tracked, to run any software you wish without asking permission, and to share with friends without worrying about Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) —these are the desires of millions of people who care about the future of technology and our society.

Unfortunately, hardware manufacturers have until now relied on close cooperation with proprietary software companies that demanded control over their users. As citizens and their customers, we need to promote our desires for a new class of hardware — hardware that anyone can support because it respects your freedom.”


  • Support for Mic input and Audio output
  • USB Audio Class Compliant
  • Compatible with all GNU/Linux distributions (as of Linux 2.6.27 from Oct 2008)
  • No binary blobs or proprietary drivers-firmware necessary to operate the device


  • Chipset: C-Media CM119
  • Compliant with USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbps) Specification
  • Compliant with USB Audio Device Class Specification 1.0
  • Compliant with USB HID Class Specification 1.1
  • USB bus-powered mode, no external power required
  • Connectors: USB Type-A, Stereo output jack, Mono microphone-input jack
  • FCC and CE approval

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Product Features

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4 reviews for Vikings USB-A Sound Adapter (FSF RYF Certified)

  1. Manuel

    Everything works well, no problems encountered. The reason I only give a 4/5 is that there are no mic and headphone icons next to the connectors, like shown on the product picture of the shop (I received an adapter produced by Sabrent). So you have to rely on the connector’s color to know which connector is which. However, hardware-wise everything works well (tested on Gentoo without proprietary firmware/drivers).

  2. Igor

    This C-Media USB adapter provided a louder output than the on-board Intel-HD sound card of my DELL notebook. Very simple device, with only three controls (as seen by alsamixer): speaker, mic and mic-boost. Simple, small, loud – just what is needed to add sound to a notebook which has some problems with it’s on-board sound solution!

  3. Rene Genz

    Absolutely no problems encountered. Plug it in and you can start. The device works like a charm.

  4. Tobias Platen

    The C-Media USB Audio Device works well with the BeagleBone Black running Parabola GNU/Linux. Just install alsa-utils and then run aplay -D hw:1,0 test.wav to play some piece of music.

4 Reviews
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